[skills][skill value=”100″ bg=”DD7B31″]1. ORGANIZE TO LEARNFigure out what the root causes of the distressed situation are. Focus is on current strategy, financial health, markets, and technologies.[/skill][skill value=”100″ bg=”005DA4″]2. DEFINE A CLEAR STRATEGY: Prune back non-core business activities and align financial and operational initiatives with the new strategic vision.[/skill][skill value=”100″ bg=”359AD8″]3. ESTABLISH PRIORITIES: Identify the highest priority items which result in jumpstarting momentum in the right direction. Focus is on building a structure to support strategy. Make faster and bolder moves.[/skill][skill value=”100″ bg=”97B9CE”]4. BUILD LEADERSHIP TEAM: Find optimal balance between internal management and the external partners and advisors.[/skill][skill value=”100″ bg=”CCE2ED”]5. CREATE SUPPORTING ALLIANCES: Gain support from stakeholders to invest the required resources.[/skill]